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A Musician. For eons. (Well it seems that way sometimes)  I've played with many bands and individuals, every type of music from Rock, Folk, Folk-Rock, Free form Jam rock, electronic fusion and even a little country. A bass player for many bands, but occasional, rhythm and lead guitar, also digital drums and keyboard. Bars, pubs, concerts, auditoriums, studio, radio, and TV! I'm fortunate to have played them all. I am a Garage Band fanatic. These compositions are all my own. Hope you enjoy! 

An Artist. Started sketching in Grade School, and never lost interest. Lots of commercial art, like logos, business cards, match covers, sign painting, (to name a few examples) and finally settled into painting full time when I retired. My artwork can be found across Canada, down through the states, and the United Kingdom. My paintings posted here have made the circuit of many Galleries. Before the pandemic I often had 2 solo gallery exhibits on the go. Since exhibiting is on hold I do have a good inventory of painting. Browse, see if anything catches your fancy. 

Writer. I graduated from Sheridan College with Journalism and Advertising diplomas. I wrote copy for businesses like Canadian Tire and Deluxe, Business Solutions,  catalogues and flyers galore. Newspaper articles, small stories, lyrics and poems. You must check out my continuing story about the “Misery of Sam Ogrebee.” Be sure to sign up for the weekly chapters installments, and if you like to suggest ideas, I will add the best ideas to upcoming chapters.

A little more....
I am continually amazed and ever so thankful of the rich experiences I have had. I have friends from way back that stepped into their parents business and have done that ever since. More power to them. On the other hand, I have a wide range of successful career choices along the way besides the 3 mentioned above. I worked for carnivals for 3 years ( that is a story I must tell later) I had my own Print shop, my own graphic company, I taught Photoshop to College professors so they could teach students.  I was a journeyman film stripper, foreman for several large commercial print companies. I was one of the very first people using computer graphics way before Apple came along (these machines were ever so large and specialized, perhaps another story) I became a technical advisor flown all over Canada and the states to help customers to organize digital files and how to use the new computer applications. I’ve been in executive positions most of my life, Manager, Director, board member. Truly blessed for the range of experiences and people met along the way.

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